FORUM. The section FORUM is dedicated to films that have already received accolade from both Polish and international audiences and film critics, and sparked lots of discussions among critics and fans. More »

The Romantic and Vampiric Five. This year, we have created a very special film section for our audience, which corresponds to the main theme of the festival. THE ROMANTIC AND VAMPIRIC FIVE contains films about vampires, in which these creatures are shown from many interesting perspectives. More »

MUST SEE MUST BE . The section MUST SEE MUST BE contains films we have carefully selected for you, some of which even the most knowledgeable cinema enthusiasts might have missed among the plethora of films that are made every single year. More »

Films from A to Z

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Father, TheEasteal, David
Father, The
Father, The
2011, 16’
Jam TodayEllis, Simon
Jam Today
Jam Today
2010, 14’
High VoltageErdélyi, Dániel
High Voltage
2010, 14’
SkinningFilipović, Stevan
2010, 97’
The Woman Who Dreamed About A ManFly, Per
The Woman Who Dreamed About A Man
Kvinden Der Drømte Om En Mand
2010, 100’
Some Mother’s SonGeorge, Terry
Some Mother’s Son
Spirala przemocy
1996, 112’
Hakerzy wolnościGładych, Marcin
Hakerzy wolności
Hakerzy wolności
2010, 30’
Ostatni telefonGładych, Marcin
Ostatni telefon
Ostatni telefon
2010, 14’
Leave not a cloud behindGonzalez, Pablo
Leave not a cloud behind
Leave not a cloud behind
2010, 7’
Bloody SundayGreengrass, Paul
Bloody Sunday
Krwawa niedziela
2002, 107’
GrowthHeinzen-Ziob, Florian
2011, 23’
Czwarta siostraHejbudzki, Paweł
Czwarta siostra
Czwarta siostra
2011, 20’
Reszta jest milczeniemHejbudzki, Paweł
Reszta jest milczeniem
Reszta jest milczeniem
2010, 10’
ŚwiatłoHejbudzki, Paweł
2009, 4’
Half MoonIstrate, Adina
Half Moon
Half Moon
2010, 13’
Out of LoveJadowska, Anna
Out of Love
Z miłości
2011, 100’
On WednesdaysJavaitytė, Ieva
On Wednesdays
2011, 3’
If Fish Could TalkJurkiewicz, Tomasz
If Fish Could Talk
Gdyby ryby miały głos
2011, 27’